Thursday, April 09, 2020

Mystery Macro

Can you guess what they are?


Martin Cooke said...

They are lovely abstract photographs!
The third one looks like a starfish?
I love the fifth one. I have no idea what any of the others might be...

Shammickite said...

I hope you're going to supply the answers tomorrow.
First one is a wineglass with swirly coloured glass.
Third one is a cup cake with sprinkles?

Karen said...

Ok here are the answers!

-a glass-looking plastic basket/bowl
-two wine glass stems
-a starfish
-a stack of CD's
-a CD that was put in the microwave for 5 seconds. It cracked up and then I shot it under a light to get the colours
-two slinkies
-a glass witches or kissing ball behind a grilling basket full of holes