Thursday, October 05, 2006

Travel Plans

Joe and I are going to Washington, DC in November so we've been looking at maps and renewing our passports. And, I think I forgot to share this great news. Until October 17th my starfish photo is the main photo on Kodak's home page! Click here to see it.


Unknown said...

Wow! Now that is someting to boast about. Congratulations!

jp said...

Waaahoooo!!! Congrats Karen!!! Woop! WOOP!

Great photo :)

Yay!!! :) :)

MattO said...

DC is such a great place for a visit. Wish the last time I had went(high school) I'd have spent more time in tourist mode rather then chasing the girls!

Kekiinani said...

Whooooa!! That is just awesome and I do love that Starfish image.. :) You will love DC.. :)