Friday, September 19, 2008

London Day 3

We started the day by walking through parts of Kensington Park and Hyde Park (they are separated by Serpentine Bridge). We saw Kensington Palace, the Peter Pan Statue and the Princess Diana memorial fountain. From there we walked past the Prince Albert Monument, Royal Albert Hall and a few museums. Then it was on to Harrods where we admired all of the expensive goods. We walked to Wellington's Monument (arch), down Constitution Hill and ended up at Buckingham Palace. It was sunny and warm. After lunch and a rest we went to see City Hall and Tower Bridge. The whole area is full of shops and restaurants and it would be nice to spend more time exploring that area. We watched a sailboat sail under the drawbridge then we walked across the bridge to the Tower of London. Then a walk back along busy streets where we saw a skyscraper nicknamed "The Gherkin" and the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. This evening we went for another walk along the Thames, it is beautiful at night but unfortunately my mini tripod is not that great so I don't have any good night shots to share.

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