Wednesday, September 17, 2008

London Day 1

We arrived in London at 8:35am after an overnight flight where neither Joe nor I slept. By the time we got out luggage, cleared customs, got the train to central London and a cab to our hotel, it was almost 11:30am. Thankfully our room was ready for an early check-in. But we did not crash, we wanted to go out and see some of the sights. After eating a tasty, hot lunch in a cafe with a view of the London Eye (just down the street from our hotel which is right next to the London Eye), we walked around a bit and took some photos. We walked by the London Eye (we will go on it on a sunny day when I can get good photos, today it was cloudy and hazy) and down the south bank of the River Thames. We saw performance artists in costumes and body paint entertain the crowds of people walking by. We walked over the Golden Jubilee Bridge (a pedestrian bridge) and along the Thames until we came to the Parliament Buildings and Big Ben. Along the way we saw a wonderful memorial to members of the WWII Air Force. I bought a few souvenirs at a sidewalk stall and then we came back to the hotel. It's time for an early turn in now, we plan on doing a lot more sightseeing tomorrow.

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Jo said...

I am so jealous! Great shots. Looking forward to lots more.