Thursday, September 18, 2008

London Day 2

We were up early this morning for lots of sightseeing. It was sunny for most of the day. The Parliament Buildings are across the Thames from our hotel. After admiring the view of it and Whitehall, we walked across Jubilee Bridge to Trafalgar Square. Lots of traffic and lots of people. From there we walked to the British Museum. We didn't have time to look at the exhibits (except for some mummies), we were more interested in the beautiful building, especially the ceiling in the common area. Then we walked back to Piccadilly Circus, passing lots of shops, restaurants, old buildings and theatres along the way. Red buses and black cabs everywhere. By now the crowds were getting thicker and I had a hard time taking photos without either people or traffic getting in the way. Piccadilly Circus is interesting with huge advertising screens on one side and historic buildings all around it. From Piccadilly we walked back to Trafalgar Square and past the horse guards, 10 Downing Street (which is behind gates with armed policemen guarding it) and then to Westminster Abbey and the back (or front) of the Parliament Buildings where we saw Bobbies guarding the place. After a short rest in our hotel we went back out. We walked through St. James park, saw lots of interesting birds we don't have home, and walked as far as Buckingham Palace. We are going back to Buckingham Palace before we leave, the sun was no good for photos, plus it is on the way to Hyde Park and Kensington Park which we also want to visit. After supper we went on the London Eye. It was dark by then and no good for photos but great all the same. We are going on it again in the daytime, the views are amazing.

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Randy said...

Hi, are you planning to visit the Imperial War museum? They have an amazing Holocaust Memorial.