Monday, August 14, 2006

Mermaids in the City

Easter Seals has come up with a very interesting and beautiful fundraising campaign....Mermaids in the City. There are 15 mermaids on the streets of downtown St. John's, each one uniquely painted by local artists. Today I photographed 14 of them (one has been taken down for repairs, I'll get her photo when she's back). They'll be auctioned off at the end of September.


jp said...

Thems a lot of mermaids - very nice!!

Jo said...

How pretty! I might take the kids to see them.

MPRPro said...

Someone did this type of thing in NYC once but with cows. Now there are hundreds of cows in every car dealership in the area. The only real cool one I have seen is in the Yogi Berra Museum painted in Yankee pinstripes and signed by many of the Yankees.
That is to say you will see these things around for a long time. LOL