Saturday, June 04, 2016

My Walk

I've walked this route many, many times for exercise over the years. I decided to bring my camera with me to show you what I see on my walk.

My walk takes me through quiet neighbourhoods.

And then I am in Pleasantville where old buildings are being torn down

to make way for newer ones.

In Pleasantville I have a lovely view of Quidi Vidi Lake.

I then take the Virginia River Trail

which is part of the Grand Concourse and is a mix of boardwalk and easy walking trails.

After a few kilometres I reach Virginia Lake.

I usually turn around at this bridge just before Carrick Drive, but the trail continues as far as Windsor Lake (with a few street crossings in between).

After I retrace the trail for a short while it's then onto a smaller section of the trail.

I've seen and heard many birds but only photographed this crow.

It's a lovely walk, around 8km, great for exercise or just leisure.


Marie Smith said...

I love seeing your route and your description of it. You should write more often!

Shammickite said...

Nice area. When I am in St Johns I stay in the Pleasantville area by Quidi Vidi Lake.