Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Freshwater Bay

Today I hiked the East Coast Trail to Freshwater Bay, the first time I have been on this trail. The trail starts off the road to Cape Spear (Blackhead Road) and is a gradual slope downwards of 2.2 km (of course that means all uphill on the way back). The trail is narrow and rocky with some wooden planks over the boggy/wet areas. This time of the year it is lined with blooming Rhodora bushes, a pretty sight. The chuckley pear and cherry trees are also blooming and the smaller wildflowers are starting to bloom. I found a geocache along the trail and then continued on to the beach. The beach is rocky and there are pieces of a shipwreck all over it but there are flat beach rocks placed to form an easy walking path across it. I walked across, rested for a bit and then walked back to the road. All in all it took me 2 hours which wasn't bad considering I stopped often to take photos and took my time.

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Unknown said...

Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.