Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maasdam Cruise Ship

The Maasdam was in port today. Joe works in the tall office building right next to it, he always gets good views of the cruise ships that come in.


Kekiinani said...

Looks like you got a nice view as well. Great shot. I love your city it just looks sooooo lovely!!

JAM said...

Seeing the ship against the buildings like this really gives a good sense of scale, these things are HUGE!

About 30 miles north of where I live on the east central coast of Florida, there's a park we go to from time to time, called Jetty Park. Within the park is an estuary where the Disney Cruise ships, among many others, come in and out.

I've stood on the jetty watching these monsters head out to sea, like a little boy seeing a train or big truck for the first time.