Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Snowstorm

Hopefully this will be the last snowstorm of winter, but I wouldn't bet on it. Taken on Water Street around 9:15 this morning. Not a lot of people on the go.


Michael P. Randazzo said...

My poor baby, snow again? I am sorry to tell you it was around 60 today around NY and I took a few more shots of the GWB. I think I got a thing with this bridge.

Thanks for your comments on my images, yours are great as well.


jp said...

Nice snow!!! I recommend a dose of global warming to help out :)

Very good photo!

Jon said...

Nice shot. Sure is warm here in Texas right now... even if there's like 40mph winds. heh

Anonymous said...

Looks nasty out there. You should consider moving to somewhere tropical. ;-)

mike fairbanks said...

Glad you keep postinga ll these snow pics, as we havent had diddly / squat this year, so I come here to remember what it looks like!